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Infectious Disease Control

Facility Decontamination / Sanitization Services

This current coronavirus pandemic situation in Canada is certainly a misfortune, but it is an opportunity for us to emphasize how Urban Environmental is ideally set up to provide post-quarantine or isolation sterilization services for both home and business / commercial space owners. If you’re in need of antivirus sterilization in Vancouver after coronavirus or the Lower Mainland then we would be happy to offer these services as part of what we do for Vancouver property restoration.

We are able to state that our strict virus decontamination services for Vancouver claims are fully quantifiable upon completion and we can offer 100% effective guarantees for sanitizing after coronavirus quarantine or sanitizing after coronavirus lockdown. We have the know-how and equipment to do industrial antivirus sanitizing in Vancouver and the surrounding Lower Mainland area.

Post Quarantine Services:

Urban Environmental and our facility decontamination procedures have been confirmed to quantifiable by various microbiological testing facilities and methods available to us, and we’re also able to reference outboard environmental consultation services and third-party interests to further prove the success of our services.

Our virus sanitization services are undertaken adhering to a strict protocol of procedures, including:

  • Atmospheric disinfection that works to sanitize air and air handling systems
  • Physical/mechanical decontamination of hard surfaces - common walls, windows, window screens, doors, door handles, light and power plug plates, bathroom facilities, and others present depending on the interior of the home, office, or other space

It’s true that highly detailed hazardous material decontaminations will be much more detailed and disruptive, and including many of Urban Environmental’s restoration services; mold and asbestos remediation and abatement, biohazard and decomposition clean ups, and more.

One specific approach we use that is very beneficial for through post-virus cleaning and sanitization in Vancouver is establishing positive pressure environments where the facility being decontaminated is positively charged. Doing this ensures that air is emitted to the outdoors rather than the air intake coming from outdoors of the space.

We then maximize our Vancouver antiviral sanitization service with air scrubbing techniques using HEPA cabinets to capture and then diffuse biological contaminants. We can capture and eliminate coronavirus particles in exactly the same way, making us your best choice for coronavirus sanitizing in Vancouver.

Hard surface cleaning and atmospheric air sanitization procedures ensure the best possible decontamination and sterilization of an indoor environment, making it much safer for residents or workers to be in the space and working normally following the end of the pandemic. If you need post-coronavirus sanitizing in Vancouver, we’ll be on site when you need us

Urban Environmental is able to facilitate large public spaces for Coronavirus decontamination in Vancouver too, promoting clean surfaces and indoor air quality preservation.

Coronavirus Anatomy and Effects

The Coronavirus / Covid-19 (CoVs), is an envelope positive-sense RNA virus, and characterized by club-like spikes that project from their surfaces, an unusually large RNA genome, and these viruses have a unique replication strategy.

It’s well understood that Coronaviruses cause a variety of diseases in mammals and birds and enteritis in cows and pigs. These can lead to potentially lethal human respiratory infections if the virus enters a human host.

Anyone looking to know more can search for a brief description of the coronavirus where their replication and pathogenicity are discussed. It will applicable to the outbreaks of highly pathogenic severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and the recently identified Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndromes Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) too.

The associated health risks that come with a coronavirus infection are very serious, and it’s natural that home and business owners will want to consider coronavirus decontamination services in Vancouver after the current pandemic and social isolation protocols allow the work and life of the city to resume.

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