Demolition, Mold (Mould) and Asbestos Removal Services by Urban Environmental.

Chilliwack Asbestos Removal

When you need Chilliwack Asbestos Removal, the only team to trust is the experts at Urban Environmental to take care of the important safe removal of asbestos in Chilliwack.

In the valley, it is always an issue when one of the most toxic building materials known to man arises in a demolition or renovation. This would be asbestos, and here in Chilliwack the only people to call are the experts at Urban Environmental. We have been in the asbestos abatement business for years, and are the number one rated company for safety, removal, and completion. When you choose us, you will be getting fully trained and insured workers that have the experience necessary to complete this important job. Call us today, and get back to your renovation or demolition in a few short days, instead of waiting for the other guys for weeks.

Chilliwack Mold Removal for both home and business

Only Urban Environmental can safely remove mold in Chilliwack and get it done right the first time.

Chilliwack is unique in that it receives some of the highest precipitation of the Lower Mainland, and is a prime spot for the growth of mold. Mold can come in all shapes and sizes, and can infest your home without you being aware. The signs are small, but the consequences can be severe. If you are having a mold issue in your home or business, you need to call Urban Environmental before it gets out of hand. Our Chilliwack Mold Remediation, allows for our customers to see the removal, and prevention of mold regrowth all before their eyes. Only with Urban Environmental will you be shown the steps, and kept up to date on the difficult process of eliminating mold that may be growing in your walls, attic or any other room in your home. With our award winning processes, you will gain back your home, without the health risks that mold can bring to you and your family. Call us today, and see the difference living in a mold free environment can do for your health and well-being.

Other great services offered by the best in the Lower Mainland, Urban Environmental

Although we are known for our Mold and Asbestos services, we here at Urban Environmental do a lot more than that. Our insulation installation services allow for the convenience of only using one company to deal with both removal of harmful materials such as Mold and Asbestos, all while replacing it with fresh insulation. As well, we offer vermiculite removal, which will make your home or business healthier. It should be noted that any vermiculate pre-1991 also contains asbestos and needs to be removed. Our team of highly qualified experts will be able to work with you to ensure a great end product; no matter the issue at hand. Call today, and see what the experts at Urban Environmental can do for you!

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