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There are considerable advantages to using dry ice blasting for property remediation, and it’s becoming more of a staple method for certain types of property restoration jobs. Dry ice blasting in Vancouver can be the best choice for speed and efficiency for fire and smoke remediation, mould remediation, water damage remediation, and others. Being able to have the job completed more quickly and with 100% thoroughness benefits both the property owner and the service provider, who’s then able to move on to providing other services as needed.

Here at Urban Environmental we were eager to incorporate this property restoration method after becoming aware of just how much of a superior approach it is for certain remediation tasks. Our qualified and experienced home restoration techs are very familiar with dry ice blasting, and you can expect the same level of excellence as you would with any of our other property restoration in Vancouver services.

Dry Ice Blasting Remediation Vancouver

The appeal of dry ice cleaning in Vancouver is that it removes ALL contaminants and damaged materials from affected areas without producing any secondary waste. This is the issue with more conventional property restoration approaches - the remediation processes for certain jobs creates secondary waste which then also needs to be collected and disposed of.

With dry ice blasting in Vancouver, being able to avoid that makes for faster job completion times while still providing a 100% restoration of the affected area and property overall.

Dry Ice Blasting Contaminant Cleaning

The advantages of dry ice blasting are:

  • Reduced remediation time
  • Chemical-free process
  • No secondary waste - reducing encapsulation and disposal cost
  • Eliminates manual cleaning - reducing labour costs and project cost
  • Dry cleaning process means no additional moisture is introduced to the area
  • Non-abrasive - will not damage sensitive or delicate surfaces
  • Environmentally-friendly choice
  • Effective and complete removal of odours from smoke or mould
  • Versatile cleaning - can be used on nearly any types of surface or material
  • 99% mould spore removal from wood

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Urban Environmental provides for Vancouver, dry ice blasting services that many rely on to live safer lives. We also provide our services for the entire Lower Mainland. At Urban Environmental, we are your top choice for dry ice cleaning. If you have a property remediation job where dry ice blasting would work well, please do not hesitate to call us for a free consultation today.

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