Demolition, Mold (Mould) and Asbestos Removal Services by Urban Environmental.

The challenges that are associated with a dead body do not stop with the police, detectives or the coroner, but continue to those who clean up after and restore the area back to its original form. A body cleanup goes much further than simply wiping down the space, expert cleaning and decontamination is a necessary step in the process. Here in the Lower Mainland the certified experts at both human decomposition and dead body cleanup is Urban Environmental.

Dead Body Cleanup Service

The challenges with decomposition and dead body cleanup are numerous, and the tissue and liquids that are associated with it will need to be handled by the professionals. This is because there are a number of hazardous chemicals that are activated within the body when death happens, and continue to be hazardous to humans unless completely removed.

Human Body Decomposition

Decomposition begins fifteen minutes after the last heart beat, and if the body is left unattended you will see two processes happen. First, the body will eliminate its fluids, including blood, urine, feces and other hazardous liquids. Secondly, once the liquids are discharged, flies and other insects will be attracted to the scene and lay eggs in any mucous membranes, including the mouth, eyes and even the nose. Insects are the least of your concerns if there are pests within the premises. Pests will come into contact with bodily fluids and track them throughout the entire premises. If you are discovering human remains days, weeks or even months later, you will want to work with a professional company to make sure your property is safely cleaned up and ready for the next chapter.

Dead Body Removal Service

Much like the lesser deep cleaning in an office or household, human decomposition and dead body cleanup goes beyond what you can see with the naked eye. A visual inspection of an area that has been affected can reveal a large amount of blood and bodily fluids surrounding the area, but microscopic parts of tissue and bone matter can be still ever present. No matter if it was a natural death, or a horrific crime, it is essential to use a trusted company to fully clean the area correctly.

The technicians at Urban Environmental are able to complete the detailed procedure to detect, disinfect and completely remove all traces of bio-hazard materials and infectious waste. This includes but not limited to: tissue and bone matter, bodily fluids, blood, contaminated clothing and household goods, razor blades, hypodermic needles and any other items that may pose a risk of injury or infection.

On the Lower Mainland or in Vancouver, the only company to call is Urban Environmental. With our years of experience in the field, and our teams of highly skilled clean up technicians, your property will be cleaned and restored to its original state quickly and safely. Human decomposition and dead body removal is one of the toughest jobs in the industry, and when you are dealing with these kinds of problems, only trust the experts at Urban Environmental.